Famous Flakes For Sale

April 14, 2008

A chemical peel doesn’t sound like something that should happen to your face. And a vial of celeb skin cells doesn’t sound like it would make the coolest gift.

Celebs might want to exert even more vigilance than usual, when having work done. There are potential skin cell trollers out there. An unusually vile piece of Daily Candy made it into our inbox, describing FamousFlakes as a new enterprise that offers “beautifully packaged vials of your favorite celeb’s skin and hair.”

Nasty, no? Worse, the company seems proud of its double agent style acquisitions that include bribes to hotel housekeepers, aestheticians, surgeons, and a few desperate b-level celebs themselves. You can confirm genetic authenticity with a certificate of proof.

Sort through vials of Jake Gyllenhaal, Mike Bloomberg, Courtney Love. Bono voluntarily exfoliated himself and markets the slough under the Product (Red) line. Parker Posey and Chloë Sevigny are coming soon to a lab package near you.

Who wants their favorite star’s dandruff, or leftovers post rhinoplasty?

Luckily it was an April Fool’s post, but in today’s tabloid mad world – it was highly credible.


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