Brigitte’s Illegal Bouche

April 17, 2008

Brigitte Bardot’s lusciousness made so many people happy in her film youth, it just breaks us up to see her in this sad photo.

Madame Bardot went on trial on Tuesday for insulting Muslims and it’s the fifth time she has faced the charge of “inciting racial hatred” over “her controversial remarks about Islam and its followers.”

Prosecutors asked that the Paris court hand the 73-year-old former sex symbol a two-month suspended prison sentence and fine her 15,000 euros ($23,760) for saying the Muslim community was “destroying our country and imposing its acts.”

Prison for the lovely grandmother? For expressing what many frenchies feel? That’s so wrong and so incredibly Ayn Rand.

The irony is many individuals from the Islamic world might say the same of the French, in respect to their own countries, in the past.


One Response to “Brigitte’s Illegal Bouche”

  1. […] Brigitte Bardot Battles Islam, Again Muslims in France won’t rest until 71 year old bombshell Brigitte Bardot is in jail or dead it seems. For the fifth time she is on trial for stating her opinion on Muslims, or as they refer to that in France – inciting racial hatred. Over at Dhimmi Watch the question asked is, “what race is Islam?” Källa:Creeping […]

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