Vintage Colt 45 Bobblehead for $10K

June 30, 2008

Don’t you wish you’d held on to that Colt 45 bobblehead you bought for your man at a garage sale? Not only is Colt 45 hipster pop, honing in on Pabst Blue Ribbon at limited open bar events, the bobblehead doll is worth thousands as a collectible. reports: The Houston Colt 45 doll is the most uncommonly found bobblehead, and its book value is upward of $10,000. One of the things that make this one unique is that, as the name of the team suggests, this doll carries a pistol.

Protesters in Philly found murals promoting Vice Magazine’s “Tales from Colt 45” party series offensive. Apparently dolls packing heat aren’t offensive but graffiti art is dangerous business.

Works Every Time


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