Moms Pack Lunch, Teachers Pack Heat

August 31, 2008

Sculptor Philip Simmons’ latest project is a chandelier of golden guns. This giant bit would be one branch.

In a small town in Texas, teachers are packing heat. High schoolers guess which teachers are concealing guns as they make their way through the cafeteria line or head into their classroom. The idea to put guns into teachers’ hands came from a school administration scared of the nearby highway and the distance from the sheriff’s station in town, worried security guards would be quickly taken out while teachers would be helpless to stop a massacre at school. Our national education system has been at a steady decline for decades. Maybe that particular Texas school is rife with rational, responsible law enforcement-trained pedagogues?

Who’s going to protect the students from their frazzled, armed teachers? Are the kids going to be allowed to show up strapped? I’d pack my golden pistol if I were you.


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