Brains for Hollywood

September 8, 2008

Hollywood Hill, an organization dedicated to putting Hollywood’s creative players at the forefront of social change, holds their BigBrainBoy’s Mobile Media Summit this weekend. Mobile phone fans will fly in from faraway lands underscoring the power these little communication gadgets have. Mobile apps, mobile games and mobile media roll out their best and brightest new gizmos that facilitate entrepreneurship in its purest form while mobile banking shows how one little phone can feed a nation, sort of.Mobile banking will be the shining star of this weekend’s summit. Farmers in Kenya are using mobile banking to sell goods and receive loans. A chance to empower the individual, making the supply chain more efficient by cutting out the middle man, the use of mobile phones allows the farmers to access market information and get a fairer deal. Farmers in Kenya can learn how to gather the latest market prices from retailers in Tanzania. Meanwhile, over in Uganda, sharing information on how to organize effective transport systems is the talk of the town – or rather the country.

In South America, tribe members in the rain forest are similarly pleased with mobile GPS devices that enable them to define borders to protect their land from big oil companies on the take.


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