Faceless Masses

June 19, 2008

What’s the deal with faceless photos?  Are we a terrorized generation?  Are we more comfortable faceless thanks to digital communication?  According to club kids, face concealment is all the rage.


In Buenos Aires, when I interview club owners or designers a number of them express a vision of “elegant trash” that they’re looking to project. This video nailed it with the cabaret ho models in the street car-styled tour bus.  Don’t get shook by this strange choice of still from Youtube – this guy is the least attractive thing in the video.

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Swedish singer Theresa Andersson uses her toes to navigate her one-woman band at her home in New Orleans.

The EU’s new sound ordinance is set to smack Scotland where it hurts, right in the bag pipes. These sacred instruments resonate at a decibel level of 122 and have been asked to take it down a notch. To give you an idea of decibel levels, The Who held “the loudest rock band” record registering at 126 decibels, until last year when Watford punk band Gallows raised the bar to a whopping 132.5. Read the rest of this entry »

Brazil is always on the radar. It was voted vacation most likely to fix whatever ails you. This might be an indication of why that is.