Absinthe gummi bears served on your espresso spoon makes the New York City hectic pace that much more hallucinogenic. You can learn a lot when you study the myopenbar.com listings. Snappy writing too.


In Buenos Aires, when I interview club owners or designers a number of them express a vision of “elegant trash” that they’re looking to project. This video nailed it with the cabaret ho models in the street car-styled tour bus.  Don’t get shook by this strange choice of still from Youtube – this guy is the least attractive thing in the video.

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Wuchess.com launched this week and is the RZA’s latest project, bringing chess fans and Wu fans together.  Finally.

This New York Times video is an interesting meeting of two people of starkly different upbringings hanging out, as the NY Times chess columnist (that’s a job!) and the RZA play chess in a hotel room in Manhattan.  The redheaded stepchild of a reporter is a strange match for the RZA. Read the rest of this entry »

The Party

June 6, 2008

The Party

In Paris, I read a book about a party circa 1920. It had all the glam and trouble of any wild party in a big city but, because it was from the era of my great-grandparents, the drugs and sex were that much more provocative. This photo blog, The Party, has the same title as the French book and evokes the same gawker feel – a biracial, bisexual party in the hairspray 60s/polyester 70s is just so naughty and nice. Read the rest of this entry »

Swedish singer Theresa Andersson uses her toes to navigate her one-woman band at her home in New Orleans.

NEW YORK (CNN) — Academy Award-winning actress Tatum O’Neal was released after an arraignment at a Manhattan courtroom Monday after her weekend arrest for buying crack cocaine.


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The EU’s new sound ordinance is set to smack Scotland where it hurts, right in the bag pipes. These sacred instruments resonate at a decibel level of 122 and have been asked to take it down a notch. To give you an idea of decibel levels, The Who held “the loudest rock band” record registering at 126 decibels, until last year when Watford punk band Gallows raised the bar to a whopping 132.5. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for Tea

April 20, 2008

Living in London is a full-spectrum lifestyle with one main mark to its name. The brilliant ritual of Tea, it keeps your heart warm through the winters of hibernation and a happy chat is always nearby with afternoon tea calling your name. As a Southern California native, I feel accomplished with my first “real” winter behind me and now claim myself to be a connoisseur when it comes to the liquids of leisure. That is why I write with much regret as I tip my Herringbone Ivy Cap to France and give félicitations to Mariage Frères when it comes to tea. Yummy flavors of Marco Polo are a pure delight. It is everything a tea should be, story and all…the taste of luxury.

Un-Natural Disaster

April 20, 2008

When Artwise Curators commissioned Troika to create the signature sculpture for the new addition to Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5. they had no idea the tornado would be so apropos. The recent baggage debacle that has resulted in the resignation of high level staff, has brought a new level of irony to the artwork. Read the rest of this entry »

Beat By Meat

April 18, 2008

In the US, stores are closing, mortages are being defaulted upon, and the cause of all this repressive economics is said to be the high cost of gas and food staples, taking a chunk out of consumers’ pockets. As a result, the newest crime wave may be food theft. In Massachusetts, a thief broke into the meat locker of a restaurant where he attempted to make off with an armful of freezer booty. The restaurant owner surprised him, mid-theft, and beat him with his own meat.

Big up to the boys at Frank 151 for the tip off

Painting by Luke Chueh, LA

Ham by Luke Cheuh, LA