Time and Time Again…

November 26, 2008


With the challenging times, one needs a sense of humor to keep the optimism high and the hope alive.  Or you might give ode to a time when life was all about decadence, debauchery and displays of fabulous-ness.  The 70’s! When Andy Warhol and Studio 54 paved the sidewalks of New York and the world followed. Yet on the other side of the street, Wall Street to be exact, gold spiked to $800.00, Inflation rates were over 14%, OPEC limited the supply of Oil, there were wars in the Middle East and the U.S. economy was a disaster. Hmmm….sound familiar?  We just do not learn do we?  Well, with the sense of humor at hand for a mere £20,000.00 you can purchase these fantastic clocks, installed in 1971, they overlooked The London Stock Exhchange until the mid 90’s.  Retrouvius is the proud holder of the clock collection and while you are at it, spend some more money on their houseware goods, they are fantastic.


Absinthe gummi bears served on your espresso spoon makes the New York City hectic pace that much more hallucinogenic. You can learn a lot when you study the myopenbar.com listings. Snappy writing too.

Famous Flakes For Sale

April 14, 2008

A chemical peel doesn’t sound like something that should happen to your face. And a vial of celeb skin cells doesn’t sound like it would make the coolest gift.

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